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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

A single data breach or ransomware act can cause an organization to go out of business, get sued, fined or cause someone with well intentions to get jail time.  Cyber Data Lock specializes in providing Risk and Compliance services to the Healthcare, Government, Department of Defense, Financial Services, Legal/Law Firms, Education, Nonprofit and Manufacturing industries.  We assist companies with adhering to rules and regulatory guidelines which are mandatory in them servicing their clients. 

Aside from following regulatory rules and guidelines, implementing NIST framework will provide your company with a safe IT security posture.  It will enable you to utilize international and national industry best practices in maintaining the security and integrity of your network and data.

Why not take a proactive position in securing your data and minimize the threat of data being breached?  Adopting industries best practices, demonstrates you’ve performed due care in maintaining your network.  It minimizes downtime, as well as assist in winning lawsuits and works in your favor in terms of IT Insurance claims getting honored.  Listed below are the various industries we service:

Healthcare Services

Cyber criminals and hackers are directly affecting patient’s safety and their information.   We take pride in developing and maintaining healthcare organization’s risk and compliance programs.   We can implement HIPAA and HITECH compliance; as well as ensure you are MIPS compliant.  We utilize NIST CSF; NIST PII, Protected Health Information Under HIPAA (PHI) frameworks and make sure our clients adhere to applicable state laws as well.


Education institutions, K-12, Higher and Private Education maintain a lot of data, and are required to comply with NIST CSF, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, GDRP, PCI DSS and federal and state laws.  We utilize an all-encompassing unified risk management framework based on applicable rules and laws.  Cyber Data Lock provides unique solutions to K-12 and Higher Education organizations. 

Banking & Financial Services

Financial Services needs strong cybersecurity programs, policies, processes, and procedures to combat emerging threats and meet regulatory requirements.  Financial institutions such as Banking, Mortgage services, Credit union, and Insurance companies are required to comply with PCI DSS, FFIEC, FDIC, NCUA, FTC Red Flags Rule, FINRA, FINCEN, AML, KYC and GLBA and state laws. In addition to ensuring our clients comply regulatory requirements we implement good cyber security practices, IT Standards such as NIST CSF

Department of Defense - DOD

Companies that want to obtain or retain their DOD agency contracts need to have a plan that meets the requirements of NIST SP 800-171. DFARS/CMMC cybersecurity clause 252,204-7012 went into effect on Dec. 31, 2017, and deals with processing, storing, or transmitting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) that exists on non-federal systems — such as those used by a government contractor. We utilize an all-encompassing unified risk management frameworks consisting of NIST SP 800-171, DFARS, and DoD directives.  Cyber Data Lock’s tools and services will enable your organization to successfully meet each level of CMMC compliance. 

Legal/Law Offices

Law Firms maintain sensitive information and must maintain ABA Cybersecurity and the Lawyer's Standard of Care; American Bar Association Cybersecurity recommendations.  Ensuring your systems and data are secure is no longer an option but an ethical and legal requirement.  Cyber Data Lock takes great pride in implementing and maintaining NIST CSF; NIST PII, Protected Health Information Under HIPAA (PHI), and state laws in our legal clients’ environments.


We utilize an all-encompassing unified risk management frameworks consisting of NIST SP, DFARS.  Cyber Data Lock’s tools and services will enable your organization to successfully meet each federal and local guidelines. 

NonProfit Organizations

There is real risk to a nonprofit’s data security as well as to its donors, and the individuals your organization services.  While there are no specific standards for cybersecurity; nonprofits are expected to use well-established, risk-based approach to cybersecurity management, best practices, regulatory guidelines, and standards to perform risk analyses, conduct internal assessments, effectively allocate resources, and formulate sound long-term security strategies. Cyber Data Lock implements and maintains NIST SP, NIST PII, PCI DSS for all of our nonprofits.

Complexity shouldn’t be a barrier, contact Cyber Data Lock today and let us assist you in becoming compliant.

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