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IT Insurance

Cyber Data Lock’s Insurance Manager ensures that companies with IT Insurance actually get paid in the event of a claim by automatically verifying the accuracy of information submitted on the original insurance application and then documenting on an ongoing basis, that the business has used “due care” to reasonably secure their computer network against a breach.


When it comes to cyber security and insurance, companies have been vocally concerned over finding themselves losing twice – the victim of both a cyber breach and cyber insurance claim declination. First, they experience a security event which results in significant damages, then they discover their insurance policy will not respond. From hidden language to sub-limits, we explore some of the more significant cases and areas in which carriers are declining coverage (or expected to decline coverage) and how to avoid them.

While there is no universal governance, most insurers expect their clients to follow and maintain some basic security practices without fail.  That is where we come in Cyber Data Lock's Insurance service offering combines automated scanning, manual input, with machine-based auditing to produce verification reports for specific insurance carriers demonstrating due diligence on an on-going basis.  Due care for your network data is the only way to guarantee a payout.


Due Care:

  • Security risk assessment - Regular IT security audits of your business will detect and identify vulnerabilities and areas with high potential risk, giving you the detailed insight needed to repair, resolved or contain threats or issues.

  • Patching strategy - Is there a patching strategy to keep the software up to date?

  • End-of-life software/OS - are there any outdated software and OS in the network?

  • Security training for employees - What level of security training do employees have?

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